Cadeau approved ways to practise Self Care
8. 29. 2023 Article by Cadeau Studios

Cadeau approved ways to practise Self Care

Are you finding yourself yearning for a reboot, a renewed focus on well-being? We're not talking about New Year's resolutions or extravagant spa retreats, but rather authentic, sustainable self-care. In the wake of the past few years, we all carry burdens that can't be eased with face masks and bubble baths alone. This is because taking care of ourselves can be challenging, especially amidst our many responsibilities: family, work, pets, bills, and homes. The simplest tasks can sometimes feel overwhelming, and adding self-care to the mix can seem like yet another burden. However, we can shift our perspective and embrace self-care as an act of self-respect. Going to bed early, declining that extra drink, appreciating the beauty of nature instead of a blank computer screen—these are all ways to show ourselves respect.

Below, you can find budget-friendly self-care ideas! As you explore these practices, remember that they're designed to be nurturing and caring activities.

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It's completely fine if you feel you haven't mastered this "self-care thing." We're human, and those moments are inevitable. Rest, regroup, and give it another shot tomorrow.


  • Launder your bedding, towels, robes, and curtains. After restoring them to their proper places, take a deep breath. Remember that stagnation and sorrow are transient. Sometimes, all we need is a fresh perspective.

  • Journal - Rooted in positive psychology, gratitude journalling has been shown to help us look on the bright side of life by focusing on what is going right. With consistent practise, writing down our positive thoughts can lower stress levels, help us sleep better, and even improve our relationships. (Our Cadeau Journal is designed to support this ritual in just five minutes, morning and night)

  • Clear every surface in your living space and give it a thorough wipe. Consider this an exercise in decluttering your mind.

  • Spray Cadeau Space Mist. Designed to gently awaken the senses, this AM room spray contains a blend of orange (to create energy), rosemary (to improve focus), lavender (to promote comfort), and cedarwood (to calm nerves).

  • Revamp your closet with a goal: Open the door and feel joy. This isn't a chore; it's a chance to infuse creativity into your daily routine.

  • Start your day on a positive note with a zesty cup of Cadeau’s organic, hand-blended Australian herbal tea. This invigorating blend is designed to put a pep in your step, sans caffeine. Featuring a luxurious, organic mix of energising ginger, antioxidant-rich lemongrass, mood-boosting turmeric, and anti-inflammatory hibiscus.

  • Shake up your home's layout—even if it's just moving the couch a tad. Embrace positive and proactive disruptions.

  • Organise your purse or daily bag.

  • Wipe the leaves of your houseplants to reveal their natural shine. Place them in sunlight, and while you're at it, bask in its warmth with them.

  • Carve out a corner for meditation.

  • List the tasks that weigh on you and tackle them one by one. You are capable.

  • Add a floral arrangement to your home. You can find discounted blooms at supermarkets or gather flowers from the ground or select a few consciously. Even better, repurpose old tissue paper for everlasting floral displays.

  • Manage your finances and establish a sustainable budget. Taking control of your finances reinforces the value of your time.

  • Light a candle, burn incense, or use an essential oil diffuser. Surround yourself with scents that evoke memories or uplift your spirits.

  • Have a soak in the tub (try our Cadeau scrub soak). Containing a blend of botanicals (lavender, sandalwood, bergamot, and ylang-ylang), Epsom salts, and clay, this 2-in-1 bath soak and body scrub is designed to release muscle tension, clarify the skin, and encourage relaxation.

  • Polish your jewellery, clean makeup brushes, wipe mirrors, and clear your glasses. Swap grime for gleam.

  • Organise your book collection by colour or genre. Donate books you no longer cherish and consider sharing favourites with friends or neighbours.

  • Organise digital photos into folders on iCloud, Google Drive, or your desktop. Reflect on cherished moments as you sort.


  • Replace the "just one more episode" habit with a calming activity like stretching, reading, or an extended bedtime routine.

  • Discover a craft that resonates with you and schedule time for it. Engaging hobbies include colouring, embroidery, crochet, knitting, or needle punching.

  • Enhance an aspect of your daily routine. For instance, switch to music during your commute if the news is disheartening. (You can catch up later!)

  • Sketch your surroundings—a practice in mindfulness, allowing your thoughts to unwind and fostering gratitude for the present moment.

  • Plan a deliberate movie night ahead of time, complete with movie choices, timing, snacks, and cozy blankets.

  • Attend a concert alone or with a friend, either in person or virtually. You can find full concerts on YouTube or Tiny Desk Concerts.

  • Mend well-loved garments or ask for assistance. Restoring your clothes can enhance your sense of self and rejuvenate your wardrobe.

  • Indulge in Pickling or Gin making. Embrace the process and relish the aroma of spices and botanicals. Pickling and making Gin may be cost-effective, but its rewards are lavish. (See our Cadeau Make it Kits)

  • Prepare your favourite meal, set the table elegantly, light a candle. Remind yourself that you deserve nourishing, delightful food.

  • Create extra dinner portions and pack leftovers for convenient lunches. Additionally, prepare overnight oats—the most important meal of the day.

  • Read a self-care book designed for yourself. Reflect on self-care and self-talk strategies to rebuild trust with yourself.

  • Lie on a blanket and stargaze or cloud-watch. This leisurely practice stretches your eyes and fuels your imagination.

  • Cultivate plants—gardening offers mental and emotional benefits. If outdoor space is limited, care for houseplants or embrace the touch of plants during a morning walk.
Images © Cadeau Studios & Pinterest


  • Pause and hydrate with a glass of water. Keep a filled water container nearby at all times.

  • Opt for tea over coffee. Hydrating and nourishing, tea can be gentler on the stomach (especially herbal options). Check out our Cadaeau tea!

  • Take three deep breaths using the 4-7-8 technique from Pranayama or other yogic breathing practices

  • Create a steam bath by Cadeau's bath soak and unwind.

  • Skip alcohol intentionally on Friday night. Confront and embrace any emotions that surface, then sleep soundly without a headache.

  • Dedicate five to fifteen minutes to stretching your body. Move within your limits and cherish the physical motion.

  • Allow your head to hang forward by standing and folding at the hips. Alternatively, rest your legs vertically on a wall, focusing on deep breathing.

  • Take a walk, even around the block. In urban areas, embark on a "stoplight walk"—turn right each time you encounter a red light. A unique route without stops awaits.

  • Skip setting an alarm on mornings when you can sleep in. If you're a parent with help, inform your support person that you're taking a morning off.

  • Use a foam roller, massage balls, or a tennis ball to release tension.

  • During your daily routine, spend extra time brushing your hair or massaging your scalp. This small act contributes to self-care.

  • Venture outdoors. Put on your shoes and step outside, allowing your body to guide you. Even basking in sunlight is sufficient.

  • Immerse yourself in sensory experiences—smell, sight, taste, touch, sound. Smell, taste, and touch can effectively reconnect you with your body.


  • Dedicate twenty minutes to unfollowing social media accounts that undermine your self-worth. If unfollowing isn't an option, mute them discreetly for a lighter experience.

  • Learn meditation, starting with ten minutes a day. Set aside time for mindful existence.

  • Curate a playlist featuring your favourite songs. Dive into the music and relive associated memories.

  • Join or establish a book club or a group for spiritual support and discussions.

  • Practice phone hygiene—clean your phone, update your operating system, and eliminate unnecessary notification badges.

  • Capture moments of gratitude with photographs. Create a private album to revisit on tough days or use Instagram as a gratitude journal.

  • Consider enrolling in therapy (explore online options if necessary) or find alternatives when therapy isn't financially feasible.

  • Snuggle your pets, releasing dopamine and calming a stressed mind.

  • Create a Pinterest mood board filled with inspiring content.

  • Indulge in daydreams while walking, listening to music, or cleaning. Embrace unusual ideas and memories as they arise.

  • Engage in an online class through free or affordable education platforms.

  • Organise your digital environment—Google Drive, desktop, or phone screen. Set a motivational image or quote as your background.

  • Set reminders with positive affirmations for your future self—a week, a month, or a year ahead.

  • Update your passwords and prioritise online security.

  • Revisit your values and consider how you can better integrate them into your daily life.

  • Reflect on your true identity beyond your roles in relation to others. Who are you outside of labels?

  • Say no to answering questions easily answered through Google search. Guard your time and energy with boundaries.

  • Practice art therapy for self-expression and healing.

  • Develop personalised affirmations and incorporate them into your daily routine.

  • Write a letter to your younger self, offering wisdom and insights from your present perspective.

  • Text a trusted friend about your emotions. Express your needs—whether it's a listening ear, supportive words, or gentle advice.

  • Forgive someone, including yourself. Release any lingering burdens.

Remember, these practices don't need to be perfect. The journey of self-care is uniquely yours, and it's filled with growth and exploration.


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