The Stories Behind Our Traditions
12. 11. 2023 Article by Cadeau Studios

The Stories Behind Our Traditions

Happy Holidays from us at Cadeau Studios! As the festive season twinkles with lights, it holds a different place in each of our hearts. It's a time for traditions, both cherished and new, shared with family - whether they're near, far, or the family we choose. It's a mix of joy, laughter, and sometimes a bit of sadness. Holidays aren't always perfect, but they're about being there for the people we care about. Join us as we share the stories behind our own unique holiday traditions.


For me, the holiday season is all about gathering together and transforming friends into family around the dinner table. I've always had a passion for creating beautiful spaces, and dinners are no exception. There's something deeply fulfilling about having the people I love, enjoy an experience carefully curated by me – it's my way of expressing affection and the little details are incredibly important to me.

Visiting Flemington markets for me was an integral part of my childhood, so there’s a sense of comfort and familiarity amongst the noise and chaos. It's in these places that I find inspiration and a connection to small, sustainable, family-run businesses.  I love the ritual of setting out exploring the market, carefully selecting the freshest, most vibrant produce and flowers of the season and highlighting their imperfectly perfect nature.

For me, the joy of the holidays is found in these moments – in the planning and preparation, curating the experience,  and ultimately, in the joy of enjoying a meal around the table with loved ones.

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In our home, we embrace a beautiful blend of Hanukkah and Christmas, celebrating the best of two cultures. It's a time filled with lots of family time, and lots of food! These moments of togetherness are what make this season so special. 

My partner and I have found joy in creating personalised gifts for our loved ones. One of our favourite creations was a batch of homemade negroni bottles, complete with bespoke labels we designed together. There’s something about a handmade gift that feels deeply personal and heartfelt. This year we’re baking and decorating gingerbread biscuits with personalised notes. 

This love for crafting something with my own hands is a sentiment nurtured by my education at a Steiner school, where the value of handmade items was ingrained in me. It's a practice that brings an additional layer of warmth and meaning to our holiday celebrations. There's a distinct sense of worth in offering a handmade gift, particularly when time is scarce; for me it is the most meaningful present I can think of.

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My Christmases have been consistently different. Without a single tradition persisting throughout my life, each year has brought something new. This variety, being in part from living in so many different places while growing up and as a result celebrating with an ever changing circle of people– from cosy, snowy evenings in Croatia eating ham and turkey, to bright, sweltering afternoons by the water in Australia. These experiences have taught me that Christmas is less about consistency but more about connection, resilience, and cherishing every moment.

Last Christmas was especially meaningful. Discovering an engagement ring hidden in our Christmas tree was more than just a surprise – it symbolised new beginnings and the triumph of hope over challenges. This moment has etched itself into my heart, representing the journey my partner and I have shared and the fresh memories we're forging as a family (complete with Crumpet, our cavoodle).

As the season of reflection unfolds, I find myself reminiscing about the various places I've called home and the people I've celebrated with. There is a mix of joy and longing – the happiness of togetherness, contrasted with the ache of missing those who are far away or no longer with us. Our family gatherings might not match the Hallmark movie scenes often portrayed, but they're genuine and are brimming with the strength born from overcoming life's hurdles together.

For me, Christmas is about embracing all aspects of our experiences – laughter mingled with tears and the establishment of new traditions. It's a time for being present, honouring our past, and looking forward with hope and love to what the future holds.

From our little corners of the world to yours, we're sending bundles of joy, laughter, and a sprinkle of Cadeau magic. May your festive season be as delightful and heartwarming as a hug from an old friend. With all our love and festive cheer, xx


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